Q. What are some of the pros and cons of being a female in the industry? (examples?)
Pro- Currently it’s a female world so our time is now which is a great advantage. Another pro is I get to talk about female issues and things we go through that men can’t really shed light on.

Cons- It’s hard to know who really wants to work with you because of your talent and who just may want to date you or have sex with you. Also I think women aren’t taken as serious in this business so most of time you have to be a b*tch to be heard. Another thing men can talk sexual and express what they want and need, but when a female rapper does it most of the time we are talked about negatively.  Last but not least I feel like it’s hard for women to get deals because we need so much more done to get pushed hair, nails, feet, make up, etc and men basically only need they hair done lol.

Q. How did you acquire and how do you apply your skills sets in the industry both musically and administratively?
I make sure that I study music in all ways, old and new. When it comes to the business side I learn from my experiences/team that has over 10 years of experience in music. So many people have been willing to teach me as I progress and I’m very thankful for that! The way I apply my skills is by writing everyday even if it’s just a few bars, networking, and staying on top of my craft. As far as business I allow my team to handle that so I can just focus on writing, but I make sure I understand and know at all times what’s being done so I’m knowledgeable about everything that’s going on. I encourage all artist to stay on top of the business side because you can get swallowed in this industry.
Q. What are your latest projects and how can fans engage and support you?  
My latest project is called “THE OTHER SIDE OF THROUGH” it’s on all platforms. Make sure you purchase/stream it! Follow me on Spotify, Instagram, and add me on Facebook for updates on my music(Hollyemonro).