Producer PC Beatz Shines Spotlight On Producers With Beat Battle

Written by on 3 July 2024

EVENT: Beat Brawlers Vol.2 Beat Battle
DATE: July 27th
WHERE: The Arise Soundstage
ADDRESS: 2200 Baynard Blvd, Wilmington DE 19802
TIME: 7pm-10pm
TICKETS: $20(no food) $30 (with food)

For more info:
IG @PCBeatz and @Tanthonysings


Renowned producer, PC Beatz started in humble beginnings; just a kid from Philly, rocking the
whole cafeteria out with his first “beat machine,” his fists, the table, and raw talent. He was so
passionate about making beats on school tables that it even got him suspended! Eventually, he
would move to Delaware and become well-known for his beats…for real and without consequences! PC Beatz aka Problum Child is solidifying himself as one of the top producers in the entire region.

PC has acquired some impressive industry placements with major label artists since, and even before that victory including; Gillie Da Kid (now Gillie Da King) and Ray J. but he hasn’t rested on his laurels. Not only has he kept adding credits to his roster, but PC Beatz decided to re-invigorate his community by branding and sponsoring his own beat battle series called, Beat Brawlers. The Battle is scheduled for July 27th and already has a crazy buzz on social media! The event is giving a platform to producers, who are the backbone of music, but rarely get the shine that artists do. PC Beatz spoke to Kiss 101.7 about Beat Brawlers, his journey and his community outreach.


Q. Can you tell us about your humble beginnings as a producer? Were you that guy making beats
on the cafeteria table with your fists and spoons?

A. I’m just a kid who was born in the city of North Philadelphia, lived the very first half of my
life there and the other half of my life in Delaware. A kid with a big imagination and creativity. I
couldn’t stop drumming on tables to the point I would get suspended from school for doing it too
much. Good times.

Q. What was your first real piece of equipment and your first official breakthrough?

A. My very first piece of equipment was a Korg Triton Keystation. I ended up getting a really
good deal on from a good guy named Rob Schwartz. He was transitioning to the video business
at the time and I wanted to take advantage of that opportunity to get my studio started. My first
official breakthrough was want I got my very first placement at the age of 17 placing a record on
Ray J’s Album, “All I Feel.” It was a track called, “Where You At” feat. The Game, which later
had a feat of Lil Wayne on it!

Q. What are some of the cons and difficulties you faced getting established and how do they
differ from challenges you have currently?

A. Difficulties always seem to come from information on what I would need to know, or the lack
of having the amount of money it cost to effectively run a business and keep awareness of the
business running. It’s a very expensive business to run. Equipment ain’t cheap! Now the
challenges are that this business changes so much we have to keep up with this ever-changing
industry which can be hard to adapt to at times.

Q. Can you tell us about your brand and projects/events you have established around it?

A. I’ve always been locked in the music side of things so I usually let the work speak for itself.
Quality is my overall accomplishment when it comes to my brand. Because of that standard I
have for myself I’ve been able to win beat battles, throw beat battles and even place records with
multiple major labels and artist.

Q. There’s a lot of buzz surrounding your upcoming Beat Battle. Can you tell us the details?
What is your objective? Is there a prize or is it more about clout and respect?

A. Yes when it comes to a lot of things I tend to be very competitive. My objective is to one;
bring something exciting and fun to the scene for Delaware and two; create a good platform for
music producers. We always play the background in everything and I feel like we don’t get
enough shine. Producers are the heartbeat for music! Me and my team are giving away MPC
Live 2, $500 cash prize and a custom-made plaque for first second and third place winners!

Q. A partner of yours, Jamil “Soul Imprint” White, spoke highly of your community outreach,
which most people probably aren’t even aware of. Can you tell us more about that and your

A. I have been in a mentoring program for kids in Maryland for the past couple years now and
my mission is to help them make better decisions when it comes to anger and frustration. A lot of
kids feel unseen and unheard and I create a way for them to transfer their energy by doing
something productive with their time.

Q. What other projects do you have on the horizon?

A. I am working on my first project as an artist. I’m in the studio so much that I feel I can bring
something really dope and different to the scene with songs that I feel are missing from our
culture right now. So be on the look out for songs music and videos from T. Anthony in the near
future as I brings perspectives to the for front with my own music!

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