Written by on 23 November 2020

Delaware artist Akee Fontane took some time out to talk about his new album Game Ain’t Based Sympathy aka G.A.B.O.S , his recent collaborations and more.

KOLA: “Game Ain’t Based on Sympathy” is your latest project , why the title?
AKEE FONTANE: I Gave The Title Game Ain’t Based On Sympathy , To Make A Long Story Short My Last 4 – 5 Years In The Industry I’ve Realized There’s No Sympathy In Business!

KOLA: What’s your favorite song on the album?
AKEE FONTANE: My Favorite Song Would Have To Be Last Time Or Still Gone Hate Due To Response From The People.

KOLA: Why did you make a video for the song Depression first, is that song special to you if so why ?

AKEE FONTANE: I Made A Video For Depression First Because It’s A Very Important Topic To Me And Honestly It’s The Motive Behind My Entire Project. Sentimental Reasons As Well
As A High Demand For It Being As Though It’s The First Single From G.A.B.O.S

KOLA: How long have you been actively working towards your music career?
AKEE FONTANE: 21 Years & Counting (6 Professionally)

KOLA: What was it like working with DaBaby on a song ?
AKEE FONTANE: Working With The DaBaby Was A Fun Experience As Well As A Life Changing Opportunity, Truly Appreciate Him For The Chance To Work.

KOLA: Are there any other artists that you enjoy working with?
AKEE FONTANE: Young Dro, T.K. Kravitz, Runway Richy ECT.

KOLA: What artists (if any) from Delaware would you be interested in collaborating with in the near future?

KOLA: When you travel to other cities what do people typically say when you tell them you are from Delaware?
AKEE FONTANE: Where’s That ? !


KOLA: What was the biggest thing that changed in your life during the pandemic?
AKEE FONTANE: My Team & I Decided To Sell Mask Which Became Very Profitable & Trickled Down To Other Merchandise As Well.

KOLA: What’s the first thing you plan to do when the pandemic ends?
AKEE FONTANE: Travel And Performances Consistently

KOLA: With the holiday season coming up, do you plan on celebrating with family or will you be working?
AKEE FONTANE: Hopefully I’ll Get To Spend It With Family But If Duty Calls I’ll Be Spending It On The Road, My Family Understands My Unorthodox Schedule

KOLA: What are 5 words that you would use to describe your new project?
AKEE FONTANE: Honest , Painful , Energetic, Informative & Wavey

KOLA: Where can I find your music?
AKEE FONTANE: All Digital Streaming Platforms

KOLA: Why did you think people enjoy your music?
AKEE FONTANE: I Think People Enjoy My Music Because It’s Personal After You Listen You Feel Like You Know Me


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