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Mellie Mel

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Off The Hook Radio 7pm - 11pm

    I started my career as an on-air personality at WRKE (101.7 KISS FM)/ Ocean View, DE, then relocated to Wilmington, DE to work at WJKS (KISS 101.7).

    1) What are your top-five favorite songs of all time?
    • Jay-Z Cant’ Knock The Hustle
    • Jay-Z The City Is Mine
    • Jay-Z Takeover
    • Jay-Z What more can I say
    • Jay-Z Pray
    2) How do you decide on what music to play and rotations?

    I do music research and being on the air, I can keep a eye on the phone requests as well. Also, if I hear a song and think it’s hot, it goes in … point … blank … period!

    3) What new challenges are you anticipating?

    I am taking on a new svision and I really want to focus on marketing. What I mean by marketing is doing in market visits, billboards and heavy promo on the air!

    4) What people have influenced your radio career?

    The individuals who have influenced me the most are Geo Cook and Colby Colb.

    5) What is it about your city and your job that you like so much?

    I love my city, because the people in it give the station lots of love — and we support them, too. Plus, who doesn’t like tax free shopping! The job … is like a dream come true. I live and breath radio, so getting paid for something you love to do is always a plus!

    6) What’s your opinion on the future of radio and Urban radio?

    Radio is in a tough battle right now, given all the other options the listener now has. However, if radio can continue to come up with new and innovative ideas, radio will be fine. This goes for Urban radio as well.

    7) What to you do to relax when you are not working?

    Lately I’ve been getting a lot of sleep.

    8) If a genie in a bottle gave you three wishes, what would they be and why?

    Health, happiness … and of course, a $100 million to buy my own station. LOL

    Bonus Questions

    What frustrates you the most about radio and the music industry?

    What frustrates me the most about radio is young jocks who think they are bigger than the music … YOU’RE NOT! I also think the older generation should provide some guidance to the younger generation. They have to learn somewhere! As for the industry side, I have no complaints. The station gets nothing but love.

    Who are some of your favorite singers and what is it about them you like so much?
    • 2 Pac- he has done a lot for the culture and is still relevant today.
    • Mary J. Blige- I had a crush on her as a kid
    • August Alsina- he has a lot of talent and will be around for while and personally he is a good person.

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