Songs Of The Decade (Delaware Edition)

Written by on 31 December 2019

As the decade comes to a close we’ve decided to compile a list of songs that everyone’s radar over the last 10 years. If you have spent time in Delaware in the last decade we’re going to any party you’ve probably heard many of these classic Club tracks and chances are you’ve learned the Delaware swag or the two step listening to these Club bangers:

The Club Classics

10. Sire Lee “1MAN 1ARMY” Prod By Jahlil Beats (2010)

In the summer of 2010, this song began to make its rounds in clubs throughout Delaware. It’s hard and gritty sound had people chanting the hook “one man one Army” throughout Delaware and earned it’s place on the list of songs you think of when you think of Clubs gone by like Pale Dogs or Club Quest.

9. Yung Lamborghini Deezy – “Teach Me How To Swag” (2010)

If you grew up in Delaware you know swaggin is a dance that Delaware has made its own over the years. We put our own stamp on it and made it ours. When this song came out, kids at high school parties all over the state were getting feels on to this infectious track.

8. Drock Ft. Shizz Nitty, Why-it, & Young Tree -“Who You Fucking With” (2011)

I’m not going to lie, this song annoyed me when it came out but you can’t deny that this track had the whole club screaming “Ahaat”. Shizz’s infectious flow and adds to the hook make this song undeniable. To this day, if you drop this song in DE people are going to get up and dance to this song.

7. Shizz Nitty – “Tressi Bop” (2018)

Get used to seeing this man’s face on the list. Whether you like it or not, Shizz Nitty defined an era in Delaware music. In 2018, nearly a decade after his first hit Shizz Nitty had the clubs on Smash with this song and the dance that had everyone doing the “Delaware two step”.

6. Shizz Nitty Feat Clark Bar – “Man Down”

Shizz makes the list again for this haunting Club Banger that can’t help but remind you of the classic C-Murder “Down 4 My” track. This song crossed over and became a hit throughout the tri-state and it’s still rocking in parties to this day.

5. Mr Shotts ft Meek Mill – “Trappin” Prod By Jahlil Beats (2010)

Mr. Shotts is one a select few from the area that was able to pull off getting Meek Mill on a track. Add that to the fact that he got Jahlil Beats to produce the track and even performed at Powerhouse with Meek (see here) and there’s no denying the impact of this song.

4. Shizz Nitty Ft. Sap – “I Got It” (2010)

Sfizz Nitty cracks the list once again this time with a song featuring and produced by SAP. At the time, The duo was still riding the wave of success from 2009 breakthrough record “Sox In The Air” in the moment this song Hit the clubs and airwaves it was an instant classic. Ironically, this song haFs seen a resurgence over the last couple of years because of the popularity of the Delaware two step.

3. Shay Free Feat. Shizz Nitty “Goin Out” (2018)

In the summer of 2018 it seemed like Shay Free was everywhere with this song being played in the clubs and on radio stations throughout the tri-state. The success of this track led to her opening for Powerhouse and becoming one of the first female artist from the area to get that type of recognition in and out of the state.

2. Shizz Nitty – “That Booty” Prod. By SAP (2010)

Even with what at this point has to be considered legendary status of “Sox In The Air”, “That Booty” by Shizz Nitty has to be his most successful song to date. This song still receives regular radio play nearly a decade later, and gets play throughout the East Coast and has become somewhat of a cult classic in the New Orleans Bounce circles. You will hear this song in urban clubs and top 40 clubs throughout the area cementing Shizz Nitty as the decade’s most successful Delaware artist.

1. Bobby Dime$  – “Out Delaware” (2011)

No song more embodies the Delaware party experience than the 2011 smash “Out Delaware”. This song has become an anthem that can be played at almost any party throughout the state and the Peedi Cakk remix is just as hot as the original. With his distinct voice and unique swag one can only wonder how far The muli-talented rapper could have gone if not for his untimely demise but needless to say we miss Bobby Dime$.

Songs That Made Us Take Notice:

These are the songs the had the internet buzzing I should have bought everyone’s playlist.

Lil West – “Somedays” (2019)

The Bridgeville Delaware native signed his first deal with Republic records at the age of 17 and dropped this song that already has over a million views on YouTube and has become a clear fan favorite. We are excited to see what the next decade brings for this young up-and-comer.

Starrah – “Rush” (2017)

The Rehoboth Beach, Delaware native has taken the writing world by storm, having written for the likes of Rihanna, Maroon 5, Nicki Minaj, Madonna and Beyonce. After writing on the 2015 hit “Be Real” by Kid Ink and Dej Loaf she exploded on the scene and is well on her way as an artist as well.

Sap – “I’m Made” (2016)

One could easily argue that Sap’s 2016 song “O Eight” should be on this list having over a million streams on Spotify, and they’d probably be right. But Sap’s I’m made is so Delaware it has to make the list. One look at the video and you see a who’s who of artists, DJs DE elites and a fitting tribute to Thomas “Cannibal” Cottington.

Pauly Dinero – “Never Will I Ever” (2018)

This infectious Caribbean themed track brought Pauly Dinero to the forefront as an artist with the song getting regular radio play and being the catalyst for him to perform at Powerhouse.

Rell Jerv – “Either Way” {2017}

Rell Jerv shot onto the scene after his successful stint on “The Four” and let us know he was a force to be reckoned with. With his witty, melodic flow and hard-charging lyrics he secured himself amongst the who’s next in the industry.

Jimmie Allen – “Best Shot” (2017)

This is actually the most successful song on our list with a combined 24 million views. The 33 year Milton, DE native is well on his way to being a superstar.

Kitty Monroee- Blue 42 feat. Freeky Reek (2019)

As the decade comes to a close this New Orleans Bounce themed song started burning up the airwaves on the urban and top 40 charts at one point getting as high as 143 all the BDS charts. Being a triple threat as a singer, rapper and writer expect to see big things from Kitty Monroee as we enter the next decade

Sap Feat. Mac Miller – “C4” (2016)

Sap’s 2016 album “Self Employed” cemented him as a force to be reckoned with in the industry and was widely considered the classic project. The album’s feature track with the late rapper Mac Miller has become a cult classic with his fans and has many hoping that this song gets a posthumous release at some point.

Gutter From Da Gutter – “Back Broke” (2013)

Earlier in the decade this infectious party track started making waves getting regular radio play and rocking in the clubs. This was one of my favorites as well, as it was guaranteed to get the party going. We’re not quite sure why we didn’t hear more from her but hopefully the new decade will bring more music from this talented artist.

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